About Pure Earth

How did it all begin? With a great night’s sleep…

After years of searching for the perfect pillow, I finally found it on my travels, in Xiahe, a Tibetan village, high in the mountains of China. At first I was a little perplexed and curious with its unique texture. That all changed quickly as I discovered how comfortable it was. It naturally molded itself into my head and neck giving me support like nothing I had used before and the best night’s sleep I had ever had.

I’ve treated many clients over the years who, like myself, have had recurring neck pain and suffered poor sleep and pain related issues from conventional pillows. This new hidden secret I stumbled across was about to change my life.

Upon my quest to share my ‘buckwheat pillow experience’ with others, Pure Earth was created and our Organic Pillow Range became available across New Zealand and Australia. In 2014, ironically my massage career ended with a severe neck injury from a bad massage! Propped up by my pillows, where I went, they came too! The support they gave was crucial in managing my pain, something foam couldn’t do. Our new Sleep n Rest Range, infection safe, wipeable positioning supports evolved. Multiuse, designed for Special Needs, Maternity, Aged Care, Rehabilitation and home use to take anywhere and last for years!
My vision – quality, sustainable and biodegradable products, grown and harvested from the earth. All of our products are made with high grade quality fabrics using the cleanest, best quality husk you’ll find, grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

If you suffer from a poor night’s sleep, or need hospital grade pain management support and want a chemical free alternative, you can now stop looking. Discover the secret of Pure Earth Pillows & Supports and end your discomfort today.

It’s our commitment to you, providing a healthy alternative to foam in the “synthetic” world which we live in.

Dee Smith, Founder, Pure Earth