Our SupportApet Range of Surgical Positioning Supports and Medical Grade Pet Beds offers support without compressing, like other synthetic fills do. This is due to our unique inner fill which interlocks into position once weight is applied to form a ‘supportable mould’.

Our Surgical Positioning Supports assist in providing stability and quick, easy positioning of limbs and body of the patient during surgery.

Our Pooch Pads & Kitty Cribs in our Bed Range assist in preventing musculoskeletal conditions in young pets, whilst managing pain, giving comfort and relief for older pets with arthritis or joint problems.

It’s our Healthy Alternative to Foam……
• Easy to Clean – Just Wipe Down!
• Chemical Free – No Phthalate, Heavy Metals or Latex
• Flea & Egg, Dust Mite, Bacteria & Fungi Resistant

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