Body Pillow – Organic Hemp Buckwheat Husk


Our 'Organic Pillow Collection” is the ultimate in support and finest quality you'll find in a Buckwheat Pillow

Our Body Pillow size 150cm x 30-35cm is great for pregnancy, lower back, hip pain or sciatica. Without compressing it fully supports the whole body right up to your arm and shoulder, perfect for side lying support and comfort.

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Built to last, you probably won’t be looking for another pillow for around 15 years!  With our durable & antibacterial Hemp/Organic Cotton fabric, extra strong child safe zippers and Triple Cleaned Buckwheat Husk, it really is the ultimate in Quality.

Our Body Pillow is great for full body support, particularly during pregnancy as the husk can shift and move with your growing belly! Also very good for lower back, hip pain and sciatica as it supports the knee whilst side lying keeping the hip-knee at a neutral level reducing pulling on joints, unlike foam which ‘gives’ and ‘compresses’ when weight is applied.

This amazing pillow extends support right up to your arm and shoulder for those who love side sleeping. This combined with your buckwheat husk head pillow is a match made in heaven! You really won’t want to get out of bed!

Our “Organic Pillow Collection” includes….
·Australian Made with 2 year Manufacturer Warranty and up to 15 year lifespan
·Labels and child proof zippers as a safety measure in compliance with AS/NZ Standards
·Quality Triple Cleaned Husk encased in a Certified Organic Hemp Cotton cover to GOTS/OCS
·Instructions on how to use the pillow & general information as part of our education program

Buy yours today, you’ll be so pleased you did!