Sleep n Rest Positioning Support Base Medium

Base Medium – approx 90cm x 70cm. Our Medium Base can be used on it’s own for bed positioning, or in conjunction with our Large & Small Base to make a comfortable, supportive seat for all ages… children to adults.

For sleep, configure to suit your own needs, joining the Medium Base to the Large & Small Base to make an adult length mattress or use just the Medium and Small base together for less length. It's multifunctional ability means it can be used for positioning of side lying propped against a wall or supine (face up) lying.

Currently being used in Special Needs Childcare Centres as floor cushions, by physiotherapists for 24hr positioning and for home use as sleep/seating systems.

Easy to mould or shift to your desired shape for maximum body support.

Tough, durable fabric. No washing or changing of covers, just wipe it down! But have the best of both worlds with our optional Thermoregulation covers easily slip on over our wipeable green supports.


Base Medium – approx. 90cmm x 70cm. The medium base is being used with children and adults who have special needs as a supportive safe, soft, mouldable, wipeable and infection safe option. Can be used on it’s own for bed positioning or floor cushion, or for a seat or lounge configuration using our other positioning supports.

Outer cover is easy clean European design, eco friendly polyurethane (phthalate, heavy metals & latex free), wipeable, chemical free, fire retardant, tear resistant, fluid proof and infection safe giving you optimal protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & Dustmites.

With durability and hospital grade quality these really are the ultimate in support.