Sleep n Rest Positioning Support Big Dee

Big Dee – approx 45cmw x 40cmh x 10cmd. Our Big Dee has many uses including breastfeeding requiring different positions for babies with lip and cleft palate conditions, making feeding easier for baby.

Outer cover is easy clean European design, eco friendly polyurethane, wipeable, chemical free, fire retardant, tear resistant, fluid proof and infection safe giving you optimal protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & Dustmites.

With durability and hospital grade quality these really are the ultimate in support.


Big Dee – approx 45cmw x 40cmh x 10cmd. Our Big Dee is ideal for breastfeeding particularly in cases of babies with lip conditions or cleft palate for ease of feeding. Re positioning is easy, by simply shifting the support, the husk moves and settles into the required position leaving baby safe and comfortable.

Also great for floor/bed positioning for special needs children achieving more height than our ‘Little Dee’.

This shape is also a great head support for adults whilst laying or semi reclined. Encompasses and protects the head.

Also excellent as a wipeable yoga seat or bolster!

No washing of towels and no worries in case of accidents as these are fully wipeable!