Sleep n Rest Positioning Support Steve’s Sock

Steve's Sock – approx 70cm x 25cm. Steve's Sock has many uses. For All Abilities it's used for a small lap weight for those with autism and “filler” or positioner for being seated in wheel chairs as it curves around the whole body.

For Rehabilitation & Practitioner use it's great for prone propping for children and under knee support whilst working on clients.

For Home, Office, Travel it's also brilliant in the car as a full neck support particularly for people with injuries needing stability whilst travelling and for use on the plane as neck support or sleeping support folded in half and placed against the window/wall of plane.

No washing or changing of covers, just wipe it down!


Steve’s Sock – approx 70cm x 25cm. Steve’s Sock has many uses, for Autism, All Abilities, Rehabilitation & Practitioner use, Home, Office, Travel.

Outer cover is easy clean European design, eco friendly polyurethane (phthalate, heavy metals & latex free), wipeable, chemical free, fire retardant, tear resistant, fluid proof and infection safe giving you optimal protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & Dustmites.

With durability and hospital grade quality these really are the ultimate in support.