Sleep n Rest Positioning System Lounge/Day Bed/Upright Positioner

A combination of our supports makes a great lounge or seated positioning support system for children with All Abilities to ensure they are fully supported, safe and comfortable.

Our support systems offer easily mouldable, adjustable, soft, yet supportive support. Our inner fill provides stability and allows limbs to 'nestle' into the support which holds limbs & supports in place. Our outer fabric gives clients a soft feel whilst being excellent for pressure management for long term use.

With our Large Base used in combination with Ruby's Rest stretched out for back support it makes a great lounge. Or simply curl Ruby's Rest into a circle to support the child and assist in upright sitting promoting core strength and torso stability, it makes a great seated positioning system or even a daybed! With durability and hospital grade quality these really are the ultimate in support.

Please check with your Physio/OT if unsure before ordering or contact us for a referral to a “Sleep n Rest Hub” near you who can provide a product fitting service.

Sleep n Rest Positioning Support Ruby's Rest

Combining these 2 products makes a very comfortable lounge when used against a wall. Used separately these products can be used for sleep positioning, prone propping and the base can even be folded in half for a seat!

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Sleep n Rest Positioning Support Base Large

Our Large Base is the essential component for this system. Lay it flat as a bed or fold in half for a seat and just add your choice of supports to use.

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Using a combination of our supports to make a great seated positioning support system for children with All Abilities. Easy to curve or shift to your desired shape for maximum body support.

Outer cover is easy clean European design, eco friendly polyurethane, wipeable, chemical free, fire retardant, tear resistant, fluid proof and infection safe giving you optimal protection against Bacteria, Fungi, Microbes & Dustmites.

No washing or changing of covers, just wipe it down!