Why Pure earth?

Our Company – It’s What’s on the Inside That Really Counts

At Pure Earth International we are committed to bringing you 100% natural, healthy and comfortable products. All of our pillows are biodegradable. Join us in making a change towards healthier living to reduce, reuse, recycle, replant and respect our earth. Start by replacing your old pillow today and discover the therapeutic benefits of a Pure Earth Buckwheat Husk Pillow and how it can change your life. No foam, no landfill, no chemicals.

The key to buying a buckwheat husk pillow is QUALITY. Clean husk is imperative and we have worked hard to bring you quality husk, using our TRIPLE cleaning process

Using & Getting Used to a Buckwheat Husk Pillow

The Casing

Each of our buckwheat husk pillows comes in a quality and durable hemp/organic cotton casing with a zipper to make it easy to wash and adjust the amount of fill if necessary.

The Filling

Our pillows are generously filled. If you find that yours is a little overfull for you, just cut the safety tab lock, unzip the casing, take some husks out and store in an air tight container in case you need to readjust the level in your pillow.

The Protector

To add to our beautiful range of pillows, we recommend covering it with one of our Bamboo Fleece Pillow Protectors. Soft and moisture absorbent our pillow protectors will enhance your sleep and protect your pillow ensuring that you get the optimum life span of around 15 years out of your pillow.

Tips on Using

We recommend testing your pillow out before sleeping with it at night to make sure the level is right for you. Support when lying on the pillow needs to be under the curve of your neck, which means shifting the husk until it feels supportive and comfortable. Some people find our pillows may take a week or so to get used to, others feel the benefits immediately. If you are very attached to your foam, feather, down, latex, memory foam or wool pillow we recommend you get to know our pillow gradually. Some people use both at night while their body adjusts. Most of us have been conditioned to using foam or other products which offer very little support.

Once You Use Buckwheat Husk You’ll Never Go Back!

We’ve had many testimonials saying ‘I wish I’d known about these years ago’! Agreed, you’ll be taking yours everywhere you go.
Many of our customers are finding the pillows also great for support whilst in bed reading or watching TV, travelling – especially on flights, lumbar support in the car or lounge, therapeutic support for injuries as they are fully adjustable, breathable and washable. Also excellent in reducing snoring and helping with menopause, sweating and TMJ Syndrome.

This special pillow with it’s many benefits is the answer to all your pillow problems.

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