SupportApet PureGuard Wipeable Buckwheat Husk Pet Bed

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Australia’s First Natural, Orthopaedic Pet Beds

Strong & Durable with Welded Seams

Tear Resistant & Fire Retardant

Easy Care - Just Wipe Clean

Introducing our SupportApet PureGuard Buckwheat Pet Beds – meticulously designed to provide unmatched support and comfort for your furry friends. Unlike conventional pet beds filled with synthetic materials that easily compress, our beds are a blend of European medical grade technology combined with a unique inner fill that interlocks when weight is applied, forming a supportive mold tailored to your pet's shape.

Ideal for pets of all ages, our SupportApet PureGuard Pet Beds offer superior support for your furry friends with pressure management properties built into the wipeable cover.  They play an instrumental role in preventing musculoskeletal issues in young animals and providing pain relief in senior pets. They also offer solace and relief to older pets battling arthritis or joint concerns.

Lovingly designed for both cats and dogs who deserve nothing but the best.

Key Features:
  • Unique Support System: Medical Grade Pooch Pads & Kitty Cribs prevent musculoskeletal conditions developing in young pets, and provide pain relief for older pets with arthritis or joint issues.
  • Chemical-Free and Hypoallergenic: Easy to wipe down, free from Phthalates, Heavy Metals, or Latex. Flea, egg, dust mite, bacteria, and fungi resistant.
  • Eco-Friendly & Durable: Lasts up to 10 years with an eco-friendly Polyurethane cover, inner casing, and biodegradable fill.
  • Washable: Outer Cover & Inner Casing containing 100% organically grown buckwheat husk.
  • Fluid Proof and Easy to Clean: Just wipe down!
Veterinary Surgical Positioning Supports:

Assisting with stability and positioning during surgery. Contact us for more information!

    Find The Perfect Size For Your Pet

    Every pet is unique, and so are their needs. Our SupportApet Range is meticulously crafted to cater to every furry friend, ensuring they have the ideal space to sprawl, curl, and rest. Here's a guide to help you pick the perfect size:

    Large (90 x 115cm): Ideal for large dogs like Labrador, Samoyed, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Boxer.

    Medium (70 x 90cm): Perfect for medium dogs like Staffy, Bulldog, Beagle, Corgy, Bull Terrier.

    Small (50 x 70cm): Great for small dogs like Terrier, Pug, Whippet or bigger cats that love space.


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    International Delivery
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    Product Care

    To increase the lifespan of your Pure Earth products we ask that you read the care labels before use. We recommend laundering in warm water and using eco friendly products to keep your fabrics and our earth pure.

    2-Year Warranty

    At Pure Earth, we stand behind the excellence of our products. Each item is crafted with premium materials and undergoes rigorous inspection before dispatch. Our 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty is a testament to our confidence in the quality and durability of our buckwheat husk products.

    Invest in Pure Earth, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're choosing the best for yourself and your loved ones.

    Unparalleled Support & Care

    The SupportApet Promise

    Your pet deserves the best, especially when it comes to health and comfort. With the SupportApet Medical Grade Bed Range, you're investing in more than just a resting spot; you're choosing holistic care and support.

    Choose SupportApet and gift your furry friend a bed that truly cares.

    Year-Round Comfort

    Whether it's a chilly winter night or a warm summer evening, the bed adapts, ensuring your pet is always comfortable.

    Pet Protection

    Proactively prevents musculoskeletal issues, setting the stage for healthier adult years, and targets and alleviates arthritis-related discomfort in aging pets.

    Australian Hospital Grade Standards

    We pride ourselves on being the only pet beds in Australia to achieve this stringent quality. It's about ensuring safety and care for both your pet and our planet.


    Every pet is unique, and our adjustable design honours that.

    Allergy & Health Friendly

    Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial features keep unwanted reactions and bacteria at bay.

    Long-lasting Design

    With proper care, our beds promise companionship to your pets for up to 10 years.

    Durability & Hygiene

    Our beds are infection-safe, fluid-proof, and tear-resistant, ensuring longevity and cleanliness.

    Rehabilitation & Recovery Assistance

    Designed to provide maximum relief during the recovery phase, ensuring your pet's comfort.

    Eco-Conscious Materials

    Crafted with an eco-friendly polyurethane cover, a sustainable inner casing, and a biodegradable fill, we're mindful of our environmental footprint.

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