Our Story

A Journey from the Tibetan Mountains to Your Home

In the serene Tibetan village of Xiahe, nestled high within China's towering mountains, our story begins. During my travels, I stumbled upon what seemed like just another pillow, but little did I know it would reshape my world. Its unique texture had me intrigued, and after just one night, its unparalleled comfort captivated me. The natural molding to my head and neck, offered support that was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. That pillow, filled with buckwheat husks, gifted me the most restful sleep of my life.

As a masseuse, I encountered numerous clients who, like me, struggled with neck pain and sleep disturbances due to unsuitable pillows which lacked true support. Inspired by my own transformative experience, Pure Earth International was born. We set out with a mission to introduce our Organic Pillow Range to New Zealand and Australia, providing a naturally supportive sleep solution.

Challenges, Growth, and Innovation

In an ironic twist of fate, 2014 saw the end of my massage career, cut short by a debilitating neck injury due to an ill-fated massage. Yet, every cloud has a silver lining. Throughout my recovery, my trusty buckwheat pillows were my constant companions, offering unparalleled support and relief – something foam just couldn't provide. This personal experience birthed our Sleep 'n' Rest Range, a collection of infection-safe, wipeable positioning supports versatile enough for Special Needs, Maternity, Aged Care, Rehabilitation, and everyday home use.

These are not just products; they are companions designed to last and offer pressure management comfort wherever you go.

Pure Earth International - Dee Founder

Our Promise to the Earth

At the heart of Pure Earth is a dedication to sustainability. Every product we offer resonates with our vision: quality goods that are sustainable and biodegradable, born from Mother Earth. We prioritise high-grade fabrics and the purest, most pristine husk - cultivated without chemicals or pesticides.

Your Sleep Revolution Awaits

For those seeking a peaceful night's sleep or hospital-grade pain management without compromising on health or sustainability, the search ends here. Dive into the world of Pure Earth Pillows & Supports and embrace a life free from discomfort. Our journey is rooted in offering a healthier, organic alternative in this increasingly synthetic world.

Join us in this revolution.

With gratitude and commitment,

Dee Smith
Founder, Pure Earth International