Frequently Asked Questions


Are they noisy?

We get asked this quite a lot, it’s an interesting point and the scientific answer is always the same…. “when the body is comfortable, the brain doesn’t register it as “noise”. In fact research shows that some particular sounds actually help us sleep. There’s an interesting article by ResMed, which states “Perfect silence isn’t always necessary or even desirable. Some sounds at night can enhance sleep.” So for those who have concerns about our pillows being “noisy”, rest assured, once you’re asleep, you won’t hear a thing! And we have many people who say they wake up in the morning in the same position they fell asleep in! Used in conjunction with the Pure Earth Bamboo Fleece Pillow Protector, the noise is automatically reduced and comfort level increased.

How do I choose a quality Buckwheat Pillow?

Clean Husk– dust, flour & contaminant free is imperative, something which must not be compromised on. We go to great lengths to ensure you receive nothing but the best. Experience has taught us that not everyone shares this view and there are other cheaper brands producing lower quality pillows. Unclean pillows may not only attract insects but could also contribute to development of allergies.

Fabric – What fabric is best when choosing a buckwheat pillow?
We use Hemp/Organic Cotton for our pillow casings. We know that our pillows will outlast any of our competitors due to the quality and longevity of our fabric blend. Here are some of the reasons why we choose hemp…..

Hemp fibres are naturally resistant to damp, mould, mildew and bacteria, moths and silverfish. They are the longest, most durable, soft fibres of any natural product. They are 25 times more durable than cotton.
Hemp fabric breathes well and absorbs moisture and can absorb up to 20% it’s own weight compared to polyester which only absorbs 6%.

In addition to all this, it’s a low environmental impact crop so it really is worth every cent to buy hemp!

How long do they last?

Pure Earth Buckwheat Husk Pillows may last up to 15 years or even longer depending on how you care for your pillow. I met someone who had his buckwheat pillow for 24 years! Yes, he was very attached to it! With our hemp/organic cotton fabric our pillows will outlast any other buckwheat pillow made with cotton or polyester fabric.

The husks do not break down or wear out, but they do become polished with use. As the natural texture of the husks become polished the pillows actually work better than new because the husks move and conform to your contours easily. If you ever do need additional husks, you can just add them.

Can I wash it?

We do not recommend washing the husks. The pillow casing will rarely need cleaning if used in conjunction with our bamboo protector. When the casing does need washing, simply remove the husks from the zippered opening, place in a bucket and wash the liner in warm water. Hang to dry. Replace the husks when the casing is completely dry. We also feel it’s important that you place your pillow out in the sun at least once a month to air out and freshen up.

Will it be the right height for me?

When you buy one of our pillows it will be overfilled on purpose. This enables you to adjust it to your own height. Simply unzip the pillow casing, take out some husk and test the pillow before sleeping ensuring the support sits under the curve of your neck. Store excess husk in the freezer or air tight container for future use if you need to readjust.

I have allergies, can I use a Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat is not a wheat, cereal or grain, but a fruit related to rhubarb. Husks are Hypo-allergenic and very few people are allergic to buckwheat husk pillows. Statistics state that about one in six thousand people cannot use the pillows because of their allergies. According to studies about 1 to 5% of the population may be allergic to the proteins in buckwheat flour, however our exclusive triple-cleaning process removes virtually all of the buckwheat flour from the husks. If you notice any allergic reaction such as itchy throat, watery eyes, runny nose, etc. discontinue use of the pillow. Please report any reactions to us. Buckwheat flour residue, with excess dust in uncleaned husks as used by some other companies may have a higher risk of allergic reaction.

Do they take a while to get used to?

Most people take to the pillow like a duck to water and fall in love with it instantly. The most obvious difference they notice is the support it offers over any other pillow. Some people, however take a little longer to adjust to it. For this we recommend slowly introducing it in conjunction with your existing pillow to slowly get used to it. If you experience neck/shoulder pain before getting your buckwheat pillow you may need some treatment such as remedial massage while adjusting to your new pillow. A good massage will help the muscle structure to relax and adjust to the pillow with ease.

What size should I choose?

Size is a personal choice when it comes to our pillows. Both the Standard and Medium will fit into a Standard pillow case, however the Medium will be a little loose. Our bamboo protectors can double to be used as a pillow case so whatever size pillow you choose, used with our protector, it is not necessary to have a pillow case.

The Standard size is a little longer and wider than Medium. We recommend the Standard size if you’re mainly a side sleeper and want the extra length to curl around. The Standard also works best with larger framed people.

The Medium is ideal for smaller framed people, back or side sleepers who don’t move around so much.

Small is great for children and elderly on a daily basis as it’s smaller and lighter. Also perfect for adults who travel as it fits well into luggage.

What does our bamboo fleece pillow protector do?

Unbelievable comfort – that’s what you’ll experience when using a Pure Earth Bamboo Fleece pillow protector with your pillow. We also recommend using our protectors to help protect your pillow from any moisture and hair oil. Pure Earth Bamboo Fleece pillow protectors can be machine washed and line or tumble dried on low, then ironed if desired.

What about dust mites, bugs, fungus?

The husks are what provide natural protection to the buckwheat kernel from natures invading organisms. It is unheard of for any of our pillows in regular use to ever get any infestation.

Any natural pillows kept in storage for long periods of time, not in use, may provide a habitat for any number of organisms, therefore if you are going to store a pillow for long periods of time it is recommended to keep the pillow in a freezer at least for one day per month as a preventive measure, especially if you live in a hot and humid environment. Alternatively, use an airtight container or bag such as a vacuum pack sealing system. This is preferable to adding chemical agents to the pillow.

We believe that people should not be exposed to chemicals when they are sleeping. Most synthetic fiber, foam and feather pillows have formaldehyde, UV inhibitors, anti-fungal agents, stabilizers, plasticizer, etc. added. There are no chemical additives used in the growing of husks for our pillows, and the only cleaning agent used is air.

Does it help with snoring?

The Pure Earth buckwheat husk pillow reduces/eliminates snoring with a lot of users. The people who are not helped may have more serious problems such as sleep apnea and are strongly urged to see a qualified health professional as soon as possible.

How does it help with TMJ?

The more relaxed the neck and shoulder muscles, the easier it is for the smaller jaw and facial muscles to function properly, thus reducing pain & tightness.

Can I microwave them?

Please note: These pillows are NOT “wheat bags”, their purpose is for sleeping and not as a heat pack. We do not recommend it because it can reduce the moisture content of the husks and is potentially unsafe. We suggest extreme caution if you ever plan on heating any natural grain pillow.

Refrigerating or freezing buckwheat pillows is certainly alright. Cold therapy can sometimes be useful for the reduction of swelling and can relieve pain.

How do Pure Earth Buckwheat Husk Pillows help neck pain and muscle tension?

When sleeping on a Pure Earth buckwheat husk pillow, all the muscles and tendons are relaxed and in their preferred position of proper cervical curve (normal cervical lordosis). The interlocking of buckwheat husks support the entire head and neck area uniformly. With fiberfill and foam pillows (even those designed to be ‘cervical’ pillows) there are always areas of the pillow that are more compressed than other areas, which forces your muscles to fight back against the pressures. When you relax the shoulder and neck muscles during sleep it lets the nerves relax and heal from the daily irritation of head, back and arm movements. Buckwheat pillows can be customized by adding or removing buckwheat husks to provide the perfect level of support for your own body. Adding or removing husks gives us the ability to adjust the quantity of pillow filling to meet your exact requirements.

Will I sweat with the pillow?

Unlike foam which traps heat and sweats, our buckwheat pillows are cool in summer and warm in winter due to their thermodynamic nature. Our buckwheat pillows allow airflow to circulate through the husks all night, making them breathable, therefore, sweating is no longer a problem.

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