A bit of a strange question I know!

But how you sleep could be the difference between having pain, headaches, tossing & turning all night OR being pain free and sleeping peacefully.

What’s the secret? – stable, moldable support under your neck, keeping your body in a comfortable position. It’s finding a pillow that will do exactly that which many people have trouble with…..

Choosing a pillow can be about as painful as trying to find a new partner! It might seem ok for awhile but then it becomes unbearable to sleep with.

It just isn’t quite right – too low or high, too soft or hard and most of them are not flexible at all. They want it all their way, happy to just sit there and make no effort!

For all the money you’ve invested, you get absolutely no support from your new bed mate. You have no alternative but to toss it in the spare room, or in the trash. This upsets you even more as now you’re contributing to land fill, your pillow unable to break down, chemicals leaching into the earth.

Here’s some good advice to break this expensive cycle……

It’s all about the POSITION…. The neck must be well Supported in a Neutral Position and your pillow should be able to mold and adjust easily with your movement as your turn over in bed.


Neck Alignment in Back Sleeping


Neck Alignment in Side Sleeping

Neutral Neck Alignment when sleeping, is very hard to achieve with most conventional pillows because of 3 things:

  1. Their lack of, or no support under the neck
  2. Their fixed height structure as a solid block or mass
  3. Support in the wrong place – support should be under the neck to prevent pain, not the head

True Support can only be given with a filling which is stable and doesn’t compress or “give” when weight is applied. Buckwheat husk is the only fill which has a naturally interlocking system providing true support all night long.

When you use your Pure Earth buckwheat pillow, your body will tell you exactly what height you need to have, as it will just feel “right”. With one small movement you’ll be able to adjust your pillow to the right position. You’ll feel what it’s like for the first time to experience true support, allowing your muscles to relax, preventing pain, discomfort and sleeplessness.

With a range of sizes to choose from, you’ll be well supported wherever you go and believe me you won’t want to go far without your bucky!