Is your pillow doing it’s job?

After all, the purpose of the pillow isn’t just to look good, all fluffed up on the bed during the day, it must work for us.

The real test for most pillows, is on night fall, when it develops a mind of it’s own. Showing it’s true colours, it resists re-positioning and flattens under the pressure of the head who carefully chose it from the huge selection of pillows on the shelf! This continues well into the night when eventually you fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion for what seems like a split second, only to find the sun rising.

Frustrated from a sleepless night you start the day tired, in pain with low energy, struggling to make it to the end of the day, hoping tonight your pillow will be a little more co-operative.

Sound familiar?

We seem to be bombarded with such a wide range of pillows available today, but do they work? You can buy water, foam, feather, down, memory foam, latex, gel, silk, wool and tea tree pillows, I’m sure there’s more!

They all essentially say the same thing on the packaging but when you get it home it’s either too high or low…..too hard or soft, not supportive and you can’t seem to ever get it in the right position….You find yourself developing headaches, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue etc.

This was a common scenario from many of our customers who had previously spent thousands of dollars trying different pillows, until they tried ours. Some were sceptical at first due to our pillows being a little “unconventional”, but those views soon changed once they used one of our buckwheat husk pillows. The 3 key differences being support, moldability and comfort.

Pure Earth Pillow Shopping

The support you feel under your neck is instant, allowing the musculoskeletal structure to relax and pain to disappear. The pillow adjusts to suit your neck with one small movement, wherever you need support, just move and mold it and it stays there! The comfort is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Used with our thick bamboo fleece protector you’ll stay cool on those hot summer nights, cozy and warm in winter as our pillow is completely breathable and thermodynamic in nature.

It may take a little time to befriend your new buckwheat pillow, or it may be instant, but once you understand each other you’ll be inseparable. In fact sleeping will be a whole new experience, peaceful, easy and pain free.

There’ll be no looking back at those short term, unhealthy relationships you’ve had in the past with other foam or synthetic pillows, which were left flat, floppy and frumpy!

This one will be it for the long haul, 10 or even 15 years, committed to giving you the support you deserve after a long, hard day. Your Pure Earth buckwheat pillow will be a real keeper!