Especially when it comes to buying a buckwheat pillow….

After years of testing, research and gathering customer feedback when it comes to size, we can conclude that size does matter!

Anything bigger than our Standard sleeping pillow size is really too big.

We have very good reasons for everything we do here at Pure Earth, from the fabric we make our pillows with, the packaging they are wrapped in, to the size of our pillows.

So you’ve probably been shopping around, comparing things like what you might pay, quality, weight and size of the merchandise. You’re starting to think you’re on the hunt for your next date or perfect match, well you kind of are!

You’re having flashbacks of people saying “good things come in small packages”, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”, “you get what you pay for”. All these are absolutely true when it comes to finding your perfect pillow.

When it comes to buckwheat pillows, bigger is by no means better. In fact our 3 key sleeping sizes are perfect for what they were designed for, that being….

Standard size

For larger framed people & side sleepers who like to cuddle their pillow

Medium size

Small to medium framed people & back or side sleepers who tend not to move much

Small size

Children, elderly and adults for short term travel use

So if you’re looking at a buckwheat pillow for sleeping which is bigger than our Standard then it’s really a waste of husk, money and space and may actually be detrimental to your body. Our studies have shown that anything bigger than our Standard size can actually cause neck pain and muscle spasm, particularly if it’s too full and feels “hard”. It may also cause sleeplessness as you will be trying to get comfortable with a pillow that’s hard to manage because it’s too big and heavy.

Our job here at Pure Earth is to help people have a peaceful, undisturbed sleep and wake up pain free. With our many customers who have joined our happy sleepers club I think the proof is in the ……. Pillow!!