“Hi I just received my organic hemp buckwheat pillow!  So can you smoke it?”

“Well I guess you could, but you’ll get years of use out of it and you’ll find it a lot healthier if you sleep on it!….. “

This was my conversation with a recent customer who bought one of our pillows..

He was joking of course, but a valid question I guess, since both smoking and sleeping are practices which involve ingredients derived from the hemp plant.

Hemp in the fabric form is one of those things much like our buckwheat pillows……been used for thousands of years in the East but unheard of by many here in the West.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with hemp and are looking at buying a buckwheat pillow here is one word that sums it up….. ANTIBACTERIAL

Yes hemp is one of those rare fabrics which is naturally resistant to damp, mould, mildew, bacteria, moths and silverfish.   With a breathability and absorption rate of moisture, 20% it’s own weight, compared to polyester which only absorbs 6%.

In addition to this, hemp has the longest, most durable, soft fibres of any natural product, 25 times stronger than cotton, which means your Pure Earth buckwheat pillow will definitely outlast any other buckwheat pillow made with cotton.

Plus, hemp is a low environmental impact crop requiring very little pest control, unlike cotton which needs a lot of chemical sprays during growing and processing.  You’ll be looking after your health and the earth at the same time.

Make sure your head rests on the best by choosing hemp – organic, long lasting & chemical free.

It really is worth every cent to buy hemp!