Why have they made something simple……..SO HARD??

I mean isn’t going to bed supposed to be easy….especially when you’ve had a long day, you’re tired, your shoulders ache, you’ve got a throbbing headache and all you want to do is sleep.

I feel your pain….really I do! It shouldn’t be hard at all. But for some reason over years the simple pillow has turned into a complexity of choice of all shapes, dimensions and materials.

Not the kind of materials or pillow fill I’d want to sleep on mind you. I mean fancy sleeping on petroleum (foam pillows), or an even more volatile concoction of chemicals (memory foam) breathing all those toxins in, or some fancy gel liquid developed by NASA (gel pillow) or the water pillow… what if you get a puncture?! And sadly there’s the other appalling choice feathers which have been plucked from live birds (feather pillow).
Why? ……. I mean how has it come to this?

And the new choice of memory foam is so full of toxic chemicals, some carcinogenic it’s proving to be the cause of a growing number of health issues. So for years they’ve been making mattresses out of it, and now they’re even putting it in shoes…. WHAT? SHOES?

And guess what? It all goes into landfill and DOESN’T BREAK DOWN. And no one talks about it….. Well I’m here and I’m talking about it!

So we end up with so many to choose from that it leaves us so confused, mind boggled and fed up from the sales pitch that we just PICK ONE and head to the counter to hand over our cash (if it still exists in your country!), credit/debit card, bitcoin or an Ethereum Wallet so a friend told me today is a real thing you can pay for stuff with! I mean I didn’t even know that existed!!

Earth to PEOPLE…….what are we doing?!

Anyway beautiful earthlings, who feel my pain about this unnecessary plethora of pillows we are presented with. There is another way. YES there is……

It’s simple, it’s chemical free, organic, washable, breathable, hypo allergenic, anti bacterial, adjustable even. You only need 1…not 2 or 3. No more multiple profile pillow choices! One pillow designed to support your neck and head perfectly, taking all the pain out of sleeping.

Buckwheat Husk Support

It’ll support you for the next 15 years and make going to bed something to look forward to and sleep something you just won’t want to wake up from. Sceptical? Buy one today and let me say for the thousandth time ‘I told you so’!
Our quality fabrics, extremely clean husk and attention to detail of our products, make our pillows the purest pillows on earth.