Apart from Polyester which seems to have sadly taken over the fabric world, cotton is the other “norm”.

But what about hemp? ….

It’s not really prevalent in the “commercial” world and the big brand names but there are many benefits to hemp which most people don’t know about…..

After years of testing many different fabrics to make our buckwheat pillows, here’s what we’ve discovered….


  • It’s cheap, easy to get and there are many different grades, some better than others.
  • It has very little antibacterial properties and in fact traps bacteria and moisture when not aired regularly.
  • The fibres are very weak and so it doesn’t last, especially when being used to hold buckwheat husk.


  • It costs more, harder to find and it’s generally blended with different fabrics to help soften it.
  • Has excellent antibacterial properties, with an inbuilt natural resistance to mildew, mould, damp, bacteria, moths and silverfish.
  • The fibres are 25 times stronger than cotton alone, and able to withstand the constant movement and shifting of the buckwheat husks, giving your pillow years of life

So after years of trials and testing, weighing it all up we decided if we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it the best we possibly can. And Hemp wins hands down. Three cheers for hemp – hip hip, hooray, hip hip, hooray, hip hip, hooray!!

After all, just like the buckwheat pillow, hemp dates back to thousands of years ago, being used to wrap mummies in ancient tombstones, in fact, recent discoveries with tombs dug up have found the hemp cloth still intact!

If it’s durability and longevity you want in your new pillow then it’s definitely worth paying a little extra.

At Pure Earth International, we’re about getting back to basics. One organic pillow that lasts 10-15 years, helping to keep you healthy, happy and pain free.