So you’re off on a trip away, you collect the key from Hotel Reception and make your way to your room.
You unlock the door, walk in the bedroom and see ALL THESE PILLOWS on the bed……Now I don’t know what you do at that point??! I’ll leave that with you……

But I just say ….. WHYYYYYY?

Not just 2 (1 for each person), but 4 sometimes even 6!! Who are they for? Is someone else staying and they didn’t tell you?!! And if they are, where will they fit amongst all these pillows? Oh well I guess there’s always the floor…..

And then I look at the floor…. And proceed to remove ALL the pillows from the huge big king size or super king size bed in some places, and I put their soft, lifeless, sinky, pillows on the floor!
There. Now I feel much better!

Right, where’s my “little bucky”?!!

Out of my carry on bag comes my Pure Earth Small Buckwheat Pillow, which I used on the plane and had a nice snooze before I arrived. I place it on the bed, it looks so small, simple even lonely…. I’ll have to fix that…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, what – did I fall asleep? Oh, sorry but that’s how good these pillows are! In fact they are addictive, I must warn you. Once you sleep on a Pure Earth Buckwheat Pillow wrapped in a Bamboo Fleece Pillow Protector you’ll NEVER go back to ANYTHING else. I mean it!

It’s all just so soft, comfortable and healthy….

The sturdy hemp & organic cotton casing holding the super clean husk, covered with the bamboo & organic cotton thick fleece, protecting your pillow from the hours of dribble that will flow from your mouth as you fall into the deepest sleep you’ve ever had.

And that’s how you should be sleeping – well maybe not dribbling THAT much!!

But honestly, there’s really no need for all those pillows that are on beds these days. It’s really just for show, they serve very little purpose and fail when it comes to supporting your neck.

At Pure Earth, we believe less is better. One pillow that’s big on support, comfort and longevity.