Isn’t that what your parents taught you?

Well when it comes to pillows I am the first to admit that I am very protective of my buckwheat pillow and like a child with a blankie, take it with me whenever I go away!

Besides, the thought of sleeping on a shared pillow, used by who knows how many people before me, quite frankly makes my skin crawl.

I know pillow cases are washed, but it’s what’s underneath – inside the pillow that you can’t see.  Not to mention that most of these pillows have about as much support left in them as a worn out pair of old bras!

The idea of using synthetic pillows made from fill which doesn’t breathe and is a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, in a shared situation just horrifies me.  In fact a personal experience in an overseas hospital is where I discovered my pillow covered black with mould, leaving me to develop a chest infection as the result.  Foam pillows have been produced worldwide in mass due to the cheap cost to make and high markups, so there hasn’t really been any other option…. Until now – Pure Earth Buckwheat Pillows.

This practice of sharing or re-using pillows continues in resorts, hotels/motels, hospitals, aged care facilities, mining companies, etc.  The rationalisation behind this will be that the pillows are treated with an antibacterial solution or covered with a pillow protector but in many cases this still doesn’t stop bacteria from growing inside.  We have inside knowledge into some of these organisations about the state of their pillows being shared and it’s not pretty.

In a world where bacteria and infection is rife, wouldn’t it just be common sense to stop this unhealthy practice?

But like most things it always comes down to cost.  Synthetic pillows are cheap to buy and replace and that’s why companies keep using them.  But the cost reaches further than the companies number crunching.  The bigger picture here is about the effect this issue has on customers, workers, clients, the sick and of course….. the planet.

So next time you stay in a motel, resort or have to go away for work or even to hospital think about what you’re sleeping on.  Or better still take your buckwheat pillow and have a healthy sleep!