Did you know we sleep an average of 3000 hours per year!  That’s a lot of hours, especially if you’re not sleeping on a pillow which actually works for you.

Yes it should work for you.  For most people a trip to the bed or pillow store consists of possibly trying the pillow for about 5 minutes, thinking “oh yeah, this feels ok”.  Then it’s off to the check out to part with a substantial amount of hard earned money.  You get home and after the first night on your new pillow, you are painfully disappointed.

Your pillow should be moldable into whatever height or position you need, adjustable to suit your neck and supporting you all night long.  However, unfortunately most pillows made in fixed block style can’t do any of this and are designed with the belief that one size fits all.

For many people, sleeping becomes a pain in the neck.  Night after night, the sleeplessness, pain and fatigue become unbearable and people resort to medication or treatment for relief.  So if your pillow isn’t working for you, how much is it really costing?

We wanted to find out the real cost broken down over a 10 year lifespan of conventional pillows vs Pure Earth Buckwheat Pillows.

The average price for a foam, memory foam or latex pillow is $90 (quite likely more), recommended replacement is every 2 years, so over a 10 year period that’s $450.  Even if you only replaced it after 5 years, the cost would be $180 over a 10 year period, multiply that by pillows per household and that’s a lot of money.

And if you need treatment, in many cases for example Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Remedial Massage Therapy is necessary to release the tight musculoskeletal structure which has become imbalanced due to poor pillow and sleep posture over time.  The average cost of treatment is $90 per session which you would generally need 4 or 5 sessions, so there’s another $450.


A Pure Earth Organic Buckwheat Pillow (hemp/organic cotton) including the Bamboo Fleece Protector at $140 with a lifespan of 10 years.

$140 over 10 years = $13.87/year = $0.038 cents per day.

That’s less than 10 cents per day for a great night’s sleep, with moldable support (something no other pillow can give you), thus preventing pain.

So if you want a peaceful night’s sleep – it’s worth every cent to buy buckwheat, bamboo and hemp!  What price would you pay for the perfect sleep?